United Presbyterian Church of West Orange


   Although we are suspending church services at this time,

         we are pleased to announce we have gone VIRTUAL!

   Each Sunday, we will be celebrating worship at 9:30 am:

 ~~  Find us (live) on Facebook “United Presbyterian Church of West Orange”


   ~~ We are also on ZOOM


   Call or text Karen @ 973-997-1088 for log in info or call in numbers.

        Call the church office @ 973-731-1868 for additional information.


  ~~   Please check out our YouTube Channel:

     United Presbyterian Church of West Orange - YouTube


     Virtual Worship  @ 9:30am, June 27th  -

          Rev. Rebecca Migliore , preaching

              -   Lectionary is (Mark 5:21–43)



   Mark 5:21–43 contrasts the unnamed woman with that of a known leader in the synagogue. It also highlights their common vulnerability, which leads them to seek Jesus’ healing powers.

    Details of the story imply Jairus and the unnamed woman have run out of options; they are desperate. Mark

notes that Jairus “begged repeatedly.” The woman has expended her resources and found no relief in the 12 years of suffering. As a result, each takes risks. Jairus breaks rank with other religious leaders who view Jesus as a threat (Mark 3:1–6). The woman touches a man in public who is not family. Both Jairus and the woman “fall” at the feet of Jesus. Jairus does so to ask for help. The woman does so “in fear and trembling.” Their actions implicitly respect Jesus’ identity and power.

    The woman knows Jesus’ reputation as a healer and believes that touching his robes will bring healing. Jesus

does not tell her to wait for his touch; healing comes. Jesus does not ask Jairus to find someone else to help because some leaders oppose Jesus. Healing comes. These miracles show the character of compassion: responsive to those who are vulnerable.

    The story ends with Jesus declaring that “no one should know this.” This command happens so often in Mark; it has been named the “Messianic secret.” The identity and power of Jesus will not be fully revealed until later in Jerusalem when the nature of the Messiah as embodied by Jesus will become clear. At that time, Jesus will challenge the powers of the temple and Rome – not as a warrior ruler, as some

expected, but through the cross.

Sunday Morning Worship
(in normal times)

8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

20 Old Indian Road
West Orange, NJ 07052
The United Presbyterian Church of West Orange is handicapped-accessible.