United Presbyterian Church of West Orange



June 30th Church Picnic @ TOMAHAWK LAKE.  $35 (but we want everyone to go, please see Becca if you need a "grant" to come!).  This is an all-day event, with three meals, lake swimming, kiddie area, and a boat ride (and with extra $, water slides, paddle boats, and mini-golf).


Next Sunday

       JUNE 24, 2018 ... 

        8:00am              Rev. Mike Capron preaching 

                                   Fellowship Hour- Pat Vanterpool 

      10:30 am              Rev. Mike Capron preaching

      Assisting:              Worship Leader – Diane Tiago; Usher – Dawn Steinik;

                                    Communion Servers – Diane & Dawn;

                                    Communion Preparation  - Joe & Karen Boettinger

      11:45 am               Coffee Hour—Karen & Joe Boettinger and Hilda Condos 





July 7th, our turn at Christine’s Kitchen (West Orange Soup Kitchen)

July 15th-22nd, our next turn at IHN (Housing Homeless)

20 Old Indian Road
West Orange, NJ 07052
The United Presbyterian Church of West Orange is handicapped-accessible.