United Presbyterian Church of West Orange

From the February 2018 Newsletter

"Our February Focus"

By Rev. Rebecca Migliore

    Lent is upon us. I’m sure that someone clever will say something about the fact that Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day and Easter arrives on April Fool’s Day!  At least it makes it easy to remember.

    As always we are planning special services for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.  We will invite the neighborhood to hunt Easter eggs on Holy Saturday. And during Lent we will have opportunity to study and put our faith into action. I encourage us all to find ways to give God a little more of our time in this season.

    Here are two new things we are doing in February. The last weekend (24th and 25th at 3pm) we will inaugurate our theater for children with “The Big Bad Musical.”  You won’t want to miss Mr. Jan as “the Wolf,” Rev. Becca as one of the three pigs, and Rev. Mike as the Woodcutter (of little Red Riding Hood fame), along with a stellar cast, fabulous costumes, super artwork, and incredible direction and music (by our esteemed Ann Marie). Put it on your calendar, and bring along some “little ones.”

   The other “new” thing we are doing is starting our participation in the PCUSA’s “Revitalization Initiative,” which means Newark Presbytery (along with 4 other presbyteries around the country) has agreed to “test out” ways to take the whole church into the 21st century.  We are starting with a study of the 7 marks of vital churches: lifelong discipleship formation; intentional authentic evangelization; outward incarnational focus; empower servant leadership; spirit-inspired worship; caring relationships; and ecclesial health. (These are big words that talk about many things we have begun working on already!). Watch for ways/times to jump into this process.


If nothing else, remember that God’s Love (God’s valentine) comes to us each and every day. And we are constantly surprised by the God whose “wisdom is foolishness to the world.”


Rev. Becca

20 Old Indian Road
West Orange, NJ 07052
The United Presbyterian Church of West Orange is handicapped-accessible.