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As of December 1, 2012, Becca has returned to part-time ministry following her bone marrow transplant in June of 2012 (for acute myeloid leukemia).  She is so thankful for this “second birth” (courtesy of her donor, her Dad!).  

Born and bred in central New Jersey, Becca is a graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary.  She was ordained to Ministry of the Word and Sacrament on September 24, 1989 and served as an associate pastor at Park Presbyterian Church in Newark, NY.  In January of 1993, she was called as pastor of Patterson Memorial Presbyterian Church.  In  April of 2010, she became the pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of West Orange.  

Along with her passion for ministry, Becca is a musician.  She sings in the professional a capella group, The Princeton Singers.

Healing Music Ministry
Rev. Becca helped start the Healing Music Program at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, which she led for ten years and where she played harp, keyboard or sang for people at the bedside. The program brings in certified musicians and harpists to play music at the bedside to promote a healing environment.  Music has been shown to relax patients, calm anxiety, calm breathing, and decrease pain.  Becca has recorded some of the music she wrote for this work on a CD, "A Drop of Peace."  To listen to a portion of Becca's CD, 
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Rev. Rebecca Migliore

Retired Minister in Residence: Rev. Dr. Ralph Garlin Clingan

Actively retired Pastor-Philosopher-Theologian (ordained 26 March 1968): Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Religion, the  Professional Studies Program, Centenary College of New Jersey; Church Administrator, Chorister and Clarinetist for The United Presbyterian Church of West Orange, NJ. Author of Against Cheap Grace in a World Come of Age: An Intellectual Biography of Clayton Powell, 1865-1953 (Volume 9, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Studies in Religion, Culture and Social Development, edited by Mozella Mitchell. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Company, 2002) and An Action Preaching Manual (Seoul: The Preaching Academy, 2005). Before settling with wife Maria in Bloomfield, Dr. Ralph taught homiletics (preaching) and liturgics (worship) in The Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta (1980-1988). A PhD in Biblical Studies from Drew University, an M.A. from the Aquinas Institute of Theology, an M.Div. from The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and a B.A. from The University of the Ozarks in Arkansas round out his life long commitment to disciplined learning. An Associate Member of The Iona Community in Scotland since 1968, he has a world wide reputation as a passionate, evocative scholar, a health oriented, efficient and spirited advocate for justice, kindness and humility before God and one another. He loves partner Maria, two adult children, Laura (Ohio) and Sam (California) and one grand daughter, Jessica!

Pastoral Associate: Rev. Mike Capron


           Following his graduation with a B.S. from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Mike worked as a software developer. He attended Perinton Presbyterian Church (a New Church Development near Rochester, NY) where he taught Sunday School and served as first a deacon and then an elder.  In 1993-94, Mike discerned a call to ministry and moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Columbia Theological Seminary.  He graduated four years later after a yearlong CPE residency, an M. Div., and married a woman of both beauty and wit, fellow student Lynn Rubier-Capron.

            Rev. Mike's first pastorate was in Williamson, NY where he stayed for five years. He moved back to Rochester where he served three churches as an interim pastor. However, he resolved to seek a long term installed pastorate. Consequently Lynn and Mike moved to Hopewell, NJ in 2008. Rev. Mike served the church there for eight years. Mike & Lynn did some wonderful ministry together (IHN!) as well as working through a capital campaign and major church renovation project.

            In 2016, Lynn discerned a call to the First Presbyterian Church of Verona. Mike resigned to from Hopewell to follow her there. He's enjoyed getting to know this part of the state and his new colleagues in Newark Presbytery, including Rev. Becca. He's chairing the presbytery’s Leadership/Training Team.

            Rev. Mike can be reached at 609-613-1572 / MikeDaPastor@gmail.com.

Ann Marie Cerciello
Music Director:  Ann Marie Cerciello
A native of Florham Park, NJ, Ann Marie is a graduate of St. Elizabeth College.  She has spent her years in and out of the classroom teaching mathematics, and being drawn away by her other love: music.  Ann Marie has directed and music directed community theater, she owned and operated a theater company, Harmony Theater, for several years, and she has accompanied and music directed at churches since she was 15.  She also currently serves as the Music Director of the Orpheus Club of Newark, a men's chorus founded in 1888.  

Gerard Barros
Office Administrator:  Gerard Barros

A native of Newark, Gerard is a graduate of Rutgers University. For more than 20 years, he has been an employee of the City of Newark, in the areas of Human Resources and Public Relations. In addition to currently working at the Church, Gerard is a multi-instrumental musician who performs with his vocalist/wife Diane at various restaurants, festivals, libraries, assisted living facilities and private functions.

Sexton:  Jorge Sanchez


In a Presbyterian church, the governing authority is vested primarily in laypersons, known as Elders, who serve on Session.  The Elders are chosen democratically by the people in the congregation, and are responsible for the life of the church.  The Session members are as follows:
Karen Boettinger, (Clerk/3)F. Sec
Martha Curry, Treasurer*
Jamelle Straker

KC Burton
Jean McBlain (Recorder/3) 
Don Mettler, Pres. of Corp

Class of 2022
Jan Carden *
Loreen Daniels
Ozzie Gerald
Barbara Toriello*

UPC Corporation and St. Cloud Corporation

Donald Mettler, President of the Corporations

Martha Curry, Treasurer

Karen Boettinger, Secretary


The Board of Deacons serve as a ministry of sympathy, witness and service.  Deacons have the responsibility of care of our community and mission outreach.  The members of the Board of Deacons are:


Joseph Boettinger

Essexe Burton

Hilda Condos

Sandy Crouse

Ellen Donofrio


Jean Dorceley

Judy Hahn

Lon Ingram

Irene McCann

Anna McMahon

Tracey Malloy

Carol Reister

Michael Straker

Bob Sherwood

Junior Officer:

Sabrina Montouth

20 Old Indian Road
West Orange, NJ 07052
The United Presbyterian Church of West Orange is handicapped-accessible.