United Presbyterian Church of West Orange

How You Can Help

Holy Trinity/West Orange

Food Pantry Needs:



1)  Big Bag

       1 Can of Beans (Black, Red, Garbanzo, etc)

  AND 1 Bag of Dried Beans


       2 Cans of Beans

           1 Can of Vegetables (Corn, Green Beans, Carrots, Peas, Mixed)

           1 Jar of Peanut Butter

           1 Jar of Jelly

           1 Can of Tuna

           1 Can of Fruit

           1 Bag of Rice

           1 Bag or Box of Pasta

           1 Can or Jar of Pasta Sauce

           1 Box of Mac and Cheese

           1 Can of Canned Pasta (Ravioli, Spaghetti and Meatballs, etc.)

           1 Can of Soup

           1 Ramen Noodle

           1 Box of Cereal (Cold or Hot)


2)  Small Bag

           1 Jar of Juice (or several small juice boxes)

           1 Box of Shelf Stable Milk (or several small milks)

           1 (snack size) "salty treat" (chips, etc.)

           1 (snack size) "sweet treat" (cookies, candy, etc.)

           Dried fruit (raisins, etc)